Why can’t the app find my music?

If the Play-Fi app is unable to find tracks that you've downloaded to your phone, tablet or a networked media server, check the list of supported file formats first.  If your music is in an unsupported format, it will simply not appear in the library.

If you've confirmed that the missing files should be supported, but you still can't see them:


  • Files downloaded from Google Play Music, Spotify and Rdio are not accessible to other companies’ apps, so you will not be able to index and play them with Play-Fi.
  • If your files are stored in a “nomedia” folder, the app will not index them.  Move any files you want to play out of that folder.

For iOS

  • The Play-Fi app can see files and playlists that were loaded onto your device. through iTunes. If you used another loading method (like a separate music app), Play-Fi will have difficulty locating and playing those files.
  • The Play-Fi app cannot see files that are stored in iCloud.  Be sure the files you want to use have been downloaded to your device.

For Media Servers

  • Ensure that your music library has been refreshed and updated.
  • Confirm that the media server doesn't have advanced authentication enabled.