Play-Fi Devices Lost

If you see this message, it could mean one or more things:

  • The connection to your network is waning.
  • You’ve moved out of your network’s coverage range.
  • Your phone/tablet/PC has lost its network connection or is connected to a network other than the one your Play-Fi products (s) are on.
  • Your device’s Wi-Fi has been subjugated by another app (such as AT&T Smart Wi-Fi).
  • One of the devices lost power in the middle of communication.


Start by confirming that your router is connecting to other networked devices (like your phone or laptop) and that Wi-Fi is working in your house.  Next, double check that you and your phone (the source of the music) are still in normal Wi-Fi range, and that the speaker is in range, too. Check the speakers for power, and to see the state of the Wi-Fi light.


If everything looks OK, and you’re not sure why you might be having issues, take a look at our Connectivity Issues guide to help walk you through optimizing your network performance. 


You can also contact Customer Support for assistance.