Play-Fi Device not Discovered After Set-Up

The final step during Play-Fi Set-Up is for the app to search for and find the new products connected to the Wi-Fi network.  If it is unable to find the product at this step, one of two things has occurred. 

  1. It’s possible the password was inadvertently entered incorrectly.  Choose “Settings à Add Play-Fi Device" to run set up again, with the correct password, using the option to show the password so that you can verify the entry.   
  2. Double check that your phone or tablet is connected to the same network you used to set up the Play-Fi product.
  3. If using a Samsung phone, go to the Advanced Wi-Fi settings in your phone and disable "Smart Network Switch" (or similar settings), then try setup again.
  4. Close the app, and restart it.

If this does not work, check our other article to Troubleshoot based on indicator light behavior.