Can I stream video and hear the audio on my Play-Fi product?

With the Phorus Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire apps, no. The apps are built to support streaming audio only. 

With the Play-Fi Driver for Windows, you can stream any audio at all from the PC to your Play-Fi products, including video content. However, the experience is not currently optimized for video streaming, and there may be some delays that cause the audio to be slightly out of sync with what is happening on screen. We are working on an update for the software to vastly improve this experience, so stay tuned.

Using the Play-Fi enabled products from Hewlett-Packard, you can enjoy a video on your tablet and stream the audio to your speakers with excellent synchronization.

If your Play-Fi product is AirPlay enabled, you can stream audio from videos to your speakers that way.  For more on AirPlay streaming with your Play-Fi product, click here.