PS10 Speaker Set Up

It's really simple!

  1. Plug in your Phorus product and turn it on. After about a minute of being fully powered on, the light ring will show a spinning set of orange lights and the Wi-Fi indicator light should be pulsing slowly and steadily.



  1. Download the Phorus app from the Google Play storeAmazon app marketplace, or Apple App Store. You can also download the Play-Fi Windows PC software.
  • Apple iOS Users: After downloading the app, but before opening it, go to the Wi-Fi settings menu on your phone or tablet, and select the “PlayFiXDeviceXXXXXX” from the available options (as shown below).



  1. Open and run the Phorus app, and it will find the Phorus product(s) and guide you through network selection and password input (as below).


  1. During setup, the app will look for and install updates for the Phorus product(s). These product updates add a few minutes to the setup time.


  1. Once network setup and speaker updates are completed, you can select a name for your new speaker(s), and the PS10 will indicate that it is ready to linked to your Amazon account with its light ring, as below.


  1. The app should detect that the PS10 wants to sign in with Amazon, and it will display the below page. Select the Next button, choose your language, then select Sign In With Amazon.


  1. After signing in, you're all set to start enjoying music or chatting with Alexa!